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Thursday, 27 September 2012

So its been a year since I last blogged...
And wow has it been a year. 

Last August I was officially accepted into the Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen to launch my way into a four year course in Fashion Management. I have always been interested in fashion and clothes and couldn't see myself doing anything other than in that type of field. So I was ecstatic when I found out my place was guaranteed. 

Moving away from my home in Edinburgh has to have been one of the best choices of my life so far, I have met a huge number of people which I am now so close to. While I also met a few individuals which have placed me in difficult situations and thus become a stronger person because of it.

However, my overall experience of the last year has been incredible.  
The lecturers at the Uni were brilliant and made every part of the first year as exciting as they possibly could. Currently as I am entering my second year we are asked to create our own fashion blog and update it regularly. So what better chance than to start this one all over again?

Over and out little ones. Blog soon <3

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